Military Standard Testing

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While Quality Testing Services, LLC is primarily known for our HALT / HASS testing services, we’re also experienced and highly skilled at performing a variety of MIL-STD testing.

MIL-STD Testing

Since they were first established in 1961, the standards that make up MIL-STD-810 have undergone several updates. The most recent version, MIL-STD-810G, was published on October 31, 2008. The standards are the result of the ongoing partnership between the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force.

For military contractors as well as other organizations that need to test the ruggedness of their products, MIL-STD testing methods emphasize putting equipment through the environmental stresses they will most likely face during their lifecycle in order to evaluate any defects and deficiencies.QualityTesting-25-25

Benefits of Military Standard Testing

Military standard testing is all about generating confidence in your products — especially in their ability to stand up to the environmental challenges they’ll meet when in use. When your products pass this level of testing, it’s a recognized mark that your products’ designs and materials are durable, rugged and up to the tasks they’ll be used for.

In addition, products that pass military standard testing are far more likely to withstand the impacts, vibrations, humidity levels and temperature shifts they’ll encounter not only during use but also during transport and storage. For military contractors, the DoD and every organization that counts on these products to work effectively, the benefits of military standard testing can be lifesaving.

Quality Testing Services, LLC — Experienced in Defense Industry Testing

As you probably know, Military Standards cover many industries and product types and can be a challenge to navigate. That’s why it’s such a prudent choice to work with an experienced testing lab like Quality Testing Services, LLC. We have solid experience in areas of the Standards (listed below). Plus, we work hard with our clients prior to testing to clarify and confirm which specific tests or portions of tests you need performed.

It’s not uncommon for testing requirements to refer to additional test specifications for clarification and details. Often, these also require that the customer choose test details specific to their hardware. To help the lab accurately quote the requisite tests, we like to see the test specifics clarified and submitted in a form that does not require researching each MIL-STD that’s referenced.

We can provide input to your test plan, but it’s preferable if you define your test suite and ideally confirm with YOUR customer those conditions so we can accurately quote and perform the tests.

We have listed two common standards below and some of the tests we routinely perform.

Military Specifications: Different Types of Tests

MIL-STD-810— the “Department of Defense Test Method Standard for Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests” — covers most of the environmental factors encountered during the use of military equipment in all stages of its service life. MIL-STD-810 testing involves replicating these conditions in a controlled laboratory environment through the use of temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, acceleration and other simulation equipment.

    • Method 501.6 – High Temperature
    • Method 502.6 – Low Temperature
    • Method 503.6 – Temperature Shock
    • Method 505.6 – Solar Radiation
    • Method 507.6 – Humidity
    • Method 509.4 – Salt Fog (Spray/Corrosion)
    • Method 514.7 – Vibration
    • Method 516.7 – Shock
    • Method 520.4 – Temperature, Humidity, Vibration and Altitude
    • Method 528.1 – Mechanical Vibrations of Shipboard Equipment

MIL-STD-202 – Test Method Standard Electronic and Electrical Component Parts

  • Method 101 – Salt Atmosphere (Corrosion)
  • Method 103 – Humidity (Steady State)
  • Method 106 – Moisture Resistance
  • Method 107 – Thermal Shock
  • Method 108 – Life (at Elevated Temperature)

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Benefits of Working With QTS

Collaborating for Intelligent, Customized Results.

When choosing a testing services company, you need more than just the latest technology—you need a long-term partner who understands your needs and provides custom recommendations. At Quality Testing Services, we go well beyond our name to deliver in these crucial areas:

Attentiveness. As a small company, we develop personal relationships with each and every client. We meet with you to get a full understanding of your testing needs, then work closely with you throughout the process. You’d be hard-pressed to get that kind of personal attention from a large corporation.

Personalized guidance. Not sure exactly what testing you need? We have a highly qualified, dedicated consultant on our team. With 35+ years of experience in engineering and testing, he is uniquely equipped to provide one-on-one support and custom recommendations. We don’t just serve up tests—we collaborate with you to ensure that you’re running the right tests for your goals, and that you fully understand the results.

Flexibility. The only constant in the business world is change. As your needs fluctuate, we can seamlessly adapt to handle rush jobs, custom tests, and last-minute modifications—enabling you to overcome challenges and meet your goals for your unique product model.

Value. Our competitive pricing structure makes us a viable choice for small businesses, start-ups, and budget-minded companies.

Our Story

Our founder built and led Qualmark’s in-house HALT/HASS testing lab for 10 years.  Fifteen years ago he bought the lab business from Qualmark and started Quality Testing Services (QTS).  Since then we’ve built our reputation as one of the top  testing labs in Southern California by offering competitive pricing, unmatched experience with some of the most demanding companies in North America, state-of-the-art testing equipment, flexible scheduling and a low stress, professional testing experience.

We offer a complete scope of Reliability Testing services:

  • Requirement development
  • Functional test plan development
  • MTBF calculation
  • HALT/HASS plan development
  • Failure analysis

What’s Next?

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