Reliability Engineering and Testing

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While we’re primarily known for our HALT / HASS testing services, we are well positioned to provide complete Reliability Engineering and Testing services.

Test Plans

If you do not yet have a complete plan for your test, we can provide expert help in this area.  We frequently work with customers that are new to reliability engineering. Their concerns include the field risk of their product, a high annual failure rate they want to reduce, uncertainty around whether their products will make it through warranty, or in many cases they simply want to measure performance.

Many companies we work with have “Hand me down” test plans that were devised by people long gone from the company and want to revise them or make them more effective.

We can provide input to your test plans, or help you build a test plan from the ground up.  We first start with a complete analysis of your test requirements; the questions you need answered.  We have a complete checklist of issues to consider.  From this we can send you a draft of the plan for your input and refinement as we schedule the testing time in our Southern California facility.

Reliability Engineering

Not a lot of testing facilities talk about Reliability Engineering. Reliability Engineering, simply put, is:

The probability that a component, sub-assembly, instrument, or system will perform its specified function for a specified period of time under specified environmental and use conditions.

Here are some examples of reliability risk management testing that were collaborative efforts with our customers:

  • A bio medical company was switching from tin/lead to lead free solder. They needed to present quantifiable test results to the FDA. We worked with the customer to design fixtures, submitted a test plan proposal and then ran the test with the customer on site.
  • A company wanted to compress reliability testing methods to switch from lengthy ED Shaker testing to HALT. QTS was able to prove that all previous failure modes that were precipitated with the longer methods were found within hours running HALT. In addition there were several failure modes found during HALT that were only seen in field operation of the product that had escaped the traditional shock and vibe methods.
  • A company wanted to set up HASS testing on new pilot production but did not understand how to transfer HALT test results to HASS screening profiles. QTS helped to design and provide fixtures, optimize the HASS test and assisted in running the HASS tests to provide for a smooth transition to the customer’s factory. The customer reports tremendous reductions in costly annual field failure rates.
  • A customer had an existing product in the field that had a 10 year warranty period. There were no test plans available. QTS had the product shipped to the lab where we instrumented the test, ran it and gave a risk assessment based on the results.

The field of reliability engineering is based on probability of failure, therefore, it is NOT an exact science. Field failures under normal circumstances are random in nature. However, we can help to eliminate the KNOWN weaknesses leading to a better and more robust design. The results of which give you a better level of confidence upon product release. Above all else, everything we collectively find is a gift.  That is, if left unchecked, each problem can potentially cost your company millions of dollars of lost revenue.

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Why Choose US?

Collaborating for Intelligent, Customized Results.

When choosing a testing services company, you need more than just the latest technology—you need a long-term partner who understands your needs and provides custom recommendations. At Quality Testing Services, we go well beyond our name to deliver in these crucial areas:

Attentiveness. As a small company, we develop personal relationships with each and every client. We meet with you to get a full understanding of your testing needs, then work closely with you throughout the process. You’d be hard-pressed to get that kind of personal attention from a large corporation.

Personalized guidance. Not sure exactly what testing you need? We have a highly qualified, dedicated consultant on our team. With 35+ years of experience in engineering and testing, he is uniquely equipped to provide one-on-one support and custom recommendations. We don’t just serve up tests—we collaborate with you to ensure that you’re running the right tests for your goals, and that you fully understand the results.

Flexibility. The only constant in the business world is change. As your needs fluctuate, we can seamlessly adapt to handle rush jobs, custom tests, and last-minute modifications—enabling you to overcome challenges and meet your goals for your unique product model.

Value. Our competitive pricing structure makes us a viable choice for small businesses, start-ups, and budget-minded companies.

Our Story

Our founder built and led Qualmark’s in-house HALT/HASS testing lab for 10 years.  Fifteen years ago he bought the lab business from Qualmark and started Quality Testing Services (QTS).  Since then we’ve built our reputation as one of the top  testing labs in Southern California by offering competitive pricing, unmatched experience with some of the most demanding companies in North America, state-of-the-art testing equipment, flexible scheduling and a low stress, professional testing experience.

We offer a complete scope of Reliability Testing services:

  • Requirement development
  • Functional test plan development
  • MTBF calculation
  • HALT/HASS plan development
  • Failure analysis

What’s Next?

Talk to us. If you have your testing specs, email them to  If you have questions, email or call 714-903-1155 to talk with an experienced engineer.


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