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With more than two decades of experience conducting in-demand product tests in Southern California, Quality Testing Services, LLC is highly proficient at manufacturing custom test fixtures and providing custom testing solutions. For industries ranging from transportation and energy to healthcare and telecommunications, we’re skilled at fabricating custom fixtures for the testing of a wide array of products, including electronic and circuit card assemblies. In addition, since different products have specific demands, we’re fully prepared to supply our clients with functional testing using wired or wireless solutions.

For many organizations, a high degree of product reliability is simply par for the course. That’s why, if you’re in a sector such as aerospace, aviation, automotive or defense, working with an experienced testing lab like QTS is the only way to get the test customization you need to ensure your products will successfully meet your customers’ demands.


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The Benefits of Custom Product Testing

At QTS, we’re fortunate to provide testing for companies such as DirecTV, General Electric, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman and many more. And throughout the process of providing custom product testing and test fixture fabrication, we see firsthand the benefits and advantages companies gain when their product quality supports the success of their brand.

In contrast, when companies fail to perform adequate product testing — especially when custom testing is required — the risk of recalls, reputational damage and erosion of customer loyalty rises substantially.

Organizations that employ our custom product testing services typically enjoy the following benefits:

  • Decrease in liability issues: With a product that can be made safer and more reliable in the early design phase, later liability issues and associated costs are reduced.
  • Reduction in defects during manufacturing: Testing of products early on in the manufacturing phase can help eliminate defects. Once in production, a largely defect-free product is far more cost-efficient for the manufacturer.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: The elimination of recalls through higher-quality products results in more satisfied — and loyal — customers.
  • Adherence to standards: Whatever regulatory standards and/or compliance issues a manufacturer must meet are far more attainable through reliable and vigorous testing procedures.
  • Better ROI: When custom product testing helps companies avoid recalls and poor-quality products, the costs associated with these types of setbacks are eliminated, and that increases the ROI of the product.

Testing Services

  • Requirement development
  • Functional test plan development
  • MTBF calculation
  • HALT/HASS plan development
  • Failure analysis

Why Work With Quality Testing Services, LLC?

When you’re looking for custom testing solutions, you need more than a test lab that can supply you with good technology — you also need an informed partner who’s willing to listen to your needs and provide you with customized recommendations. At Quality Testing Services, LLC, we earn our reputation for doing just that, every day.

In addition, you can count on QTS to deliver superior results in the following areas:

  • Personalized attention: We build personal relationships with each of our clients in order to provide you with the personal attention you simply can’t get from larger test companies.
  • Expert guidance: With over 35 years of in-house engineering and testing experience, we’re happy to provide you with expert support and custom recommendations. We don’t merely run tests — we collaborate with you to ensure you’re running the test your product requires.
  • Flexibility: Business needs change, which is why we’re always prepared to adapt, handle rush jobs, customize tests and work in last-minute modifications.
  • Value: Our competitive pricing structure makes us a smart choice for SMBs, startups and budget-minded companies.

For more information regarding custom test fixture fabrication or any other services from QTS, fill out our contact form or call 714-903-1155 today.

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