Reliability Consulting and Training Services

Consulting Services for HALT/HASS and Reliability Testing

The process of product testing involves much more than ordering a few tests and waiting for the results. As almost every industry undergoes some form of change and disruption thanks to the adoption of smarter electronics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation, the average customers that use your products have ever-increasing expectations. What’s more: They have faster ways of communicating their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with those products.

In addition, beyond the understandable desire to nurture brand and customer loyalty, you may have to deal with multiple governing agencies and compliance issues just to bring one product to market. These regulations are often adapted and created at breakneck speeds in an attempt to keep up with recent technological and mechanical breakthroughs. Just consider all of the recent developments in wireless telecommunications, aviation equipment and ruggedized military components.

Taken in total, if you’re looking to avoid costly product recalls and/or trying to remain in compliance with new regulations governing the quality and safety of your products, you’re most likely in need of much more than a simple reliability test. And it’s in precisely this kind of situation that Quality Testing Services, LLC is often called upon to supply our consulting and training services to forward-thinking companies like yours. Read on to learn more.


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Reliability Consulting Services

At QTS, we believe strongly in getting to know your needs so we can provide you with the type of customer-specific consulting services you’re looking for. Whether you need input on the range of HALT/HASS tests to conduct on a vital component or the type of thermal and humidity test that’s recommended for a new piece of ruggedized equipment, our consulting services can supply you with the informed answers you require — as well as a way of continuing that dialogue as your product’s lifecycle continues and you’re possibly faced with new, unforeseen challenges.

Reliability Training Services

When you and your staff need greater insights into product testing, the ability to have an expert from QTS provide you with reliability training services is often the solution you’re looking for. We’ve worked as a reliability partner with a wide range of organizations, from some of the nation’s largest military contractors to small electronics start-ups. And when you combine our testing experience with our deep understanding of what SMBs go through to successfully bring a new product to market, you can appreciate why QTS is precisely the company you want helping to navigate your learning curve.

Our Consultant: Aldo Fucinari

Aldo FucinariLaguna Hills, California

Instructor/Consultant – HALT & HASS + Workshop

Aldo Fucinari has 35 years’ experience in design validation testing, electrical engineering and environmental testing and holds a BSEE degree in Computer Engineering. He has worked in various fields of engineering including computer peripheral storage engineering, automotive engineering and systems engineering. Aldo is currently chief consultant for Rapid Discovery Systems, providers of HALT and HASS technology guidance and is partnered with Hobbs Engineering, Haibel Engineering, Cincinnati Sub Zero and Adaptive Technologies to provide end to end HALT, HASS and specialized environmental testing solutions. Most recently at Kulicke & Soffa Industries Aldo was involved with ultrasonic wedge bonding equipment development, HALT reliability testing and was part of the global systems engineering team. At Emulex, Aldo was global quality manager with responsibility for supplier quality performance of 4 source assembly factories supplying product direct to stock to major computer companies worldwide. At Seagate Aldo was part of the initial deployment of Seagate’s Design for Six Sigma program where he received certification as a Master Black Belt in DFSS and a Black Belt in Six Sigma process and transactional process. Aldo has long-term experience with suppliers that are equipped to do full HASS testing for both low and high volume production. He also leads adoption of lean product development methods and design for manufacturability leveraging HALT as a means for rapid learning to achieve product maturity during the design phase.

Aldo is a senior member of ASQ and a member of the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange.

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With more than two decades of providing customized testing service to companies in Southern California and beyond, QTS is your preferred choice for targeted consulting and training services when you require great information, competitive pricing and personalized attention.

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