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From nuclear power to renewable energy, the equipment used in the generation, storage and transmission of energy must meet all safety and regulatory standards or your company and consumers will wind up paying the price. With so many recent advancements in the industry — from smart grid technology to offshore wind turbines — product testing for energy applications has never been more in demand.

Fortunately, with a fully qualified testing lab like Quality Testing Services, LLC, you get all the in-house expertise and creative solutions that more than 35 years of engineering and testing experience can offer you and your energy products. More extensive testing labs often require you to navigate complex levels of bureaucracy and reams of red tape. In contrast, we provide flexible, personalized service and are always willing to go the extra mile to give you the advice, support and value you and your company deserve. Ultimately, with QTS, you get more than results — you get the job done right within a timeline that meets your deadlines.

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HALT Testing for Energy Industry

From measurement and monitoring components to operational and repair equipment, you just cannot afford failure in your energy-related products. When the safety of your field service personnel and the trust of your customers are on the line, doing robust product testing before going to market with any new or modified piece of equipment is the only smart choice to make. But with fierce competition pressuring you to be the first to bring innovative technology to market — especially since recent deregulation in the energy industry — how do you know which test to choose?

HALT — or Highly Accelerated Life Testing — can pinpoint 30 percent more material failures and design flaws than traditional tests, which also take far longer. The reason for this lies in the ingenious nature of how we conduct HALT testing. By submitting a workpiece to incrementally increasing levels of stress such as thermal energy, vibration and the combination of the two, failures can be induced in a matter of hours, rather than taking days or weeks as other, more traditional tests do.

Plus, as opposed to a strictly pass/fail tests, HALT testing quickly and efficiently shows you the location of the weakest points in your product. Then, while the product is still in the design phase, you’re able to make the necessary modifications to improve it and eventually produce a best-in-class piece of equipment.

HASS Testing for Energy Industry

There’s nothing worse than believing you have a well-designed product and going into production, only to be later disappointed by faulty materials from upstream suppliers and/or problems during the manufacturing process. The proven way to avoid these issues is through HASS — or Highly Accelerated Stress Screening.

In Accelerated Stress Testing (AST), HASS testing reduces the risks energy product manufacturers face once they enter the production phase of a product. By taking the parameters established during HALT testing, HASS testing sets out to stress the product beyond its specifications. That way, it can ensure that once it’s in production, none of its materials and assembly steps are detracting from its overall quality and performance. Only by doing this can manufacturers go to market with the confidence that their products will perform up to expectations.

Quality Testing Services, LLC for Trusted Energy Industry Product Testing

Efficiency is what the energy industry is all about. That’s why partnering with Quality Testing Services to provide timely and affordable product testing makes so much sense. At QTS, efficiency is in our DNA — the company was founded by the former head of the HALT/HASS testing labs at Qualmark.

Since our beginnings more than two decades ago, our reputation as a qualified testing lab has steadily grown — along with the longstanding relationships we form with each of our clients.

Why not discover the QTS difference? To request a quote or learn more about our product testing for the energy industry, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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