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When it comes to adequately protecting armed services personnel, product testing for defense applications has recently grown both in its popularity and its ability to exceed often decades-old military standards and regulations. Due in large part to developments in reliability engineering and related product testing procedures, the Department of Defense (DOD), the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E), several Federal Defense Committees and even the U.S. Army are encouraging military suppliers and contractors to think beyond product reliability as a simple Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) issue.

This is where Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) from a qualified lab like Quality Testing Services, LLC is stepping up to the challenge and successfully meeting the needs of the defense industry. AST testing is delivering such good insights and results that even the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is calling on its programs and suppliers to incorporate it into their reliability and quality control programs.

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HALT Testing for Defense Industry

Using incrementally increasing levels of stress, HALT — or Highly Accelerated Life Testing — can uncover more than 30 percent of design flaws and material failures that traditional tests would miss. For companies involved in supplying products that will become part of mission-critical applications, this statistic cannot be overlooked. When it comes to military contractors, your entire company’s reputation and the securement of future contracts are on the line every time you supply a product to a defense industry client. That’s why you can’t afford anything but a best-in-class product.

Also, HALT testing for military products — from ruggedized electronics to personal protective equipment (PPE) — applies thermal and vibration stress, as well as a combination of the two in a series of increasing levels of stress until failure occurs. As a result, the design limitations of your product are uncovered in a matter of hours, instead of the days or weeks that traditional forms of testing usually require.

HASS Testing for Defense Industry

As a follow-up to HALT testing, HASS — or Highly Accelerated Stress Screening — can significantly reduce military product manufacturers’ risks once they enter into the production phase of a product. Using the previously established parameters from HALT testing, HASS testing is performed to gradually exceed a product’s specifications and determine whether any upstream supplied materials and/or manufacturing steps are causing a weakening or failure in the product.

HASS testing for military applications serves as a crucial last line of defense before a product leaves the production line. For this reason, when the missions and lives of armed service personnel will be counting on the performance of your product, it’s simply good business sense to be sure you have a lab you can trust conduct HASS testing.

Quality Testing Services, LLC Is Proud to Serve the Defense Industry

Product testing for military applications is an aspect of our testing services we take great pride in. Unlike larger testing labs that can have rigid and complex levels of bureaucracy and red tape to navigate, we provide personalized attention to each of our clients. We’ll always go the extra mile to offer our advice, support and creativity to get the job done within a timeline that helps you meet your deadlines.

With more than 35 years of engineering and testing experience in-house, QTS doesn’t just supply testing results — we also make sure you get the attention, guidance and value you and your company deserve. It comes as second nature to us, as we were founded by the former head of the HALT/HASS testing labs at Qualmark. Since our establishment more than two decades ago, our reputation as a trusted testing lab has grown through the longstanding relationships we form with each of our clients.

Ready to discover the QTS difference? To request a quote or learn more about our product testing services for the defense industry, contact us today. We’re here for all your testing needs.

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