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Product Testing for Consumer Electronics

With the global consumer electronics market forecast to exceed $1.5 trillion by 2024, there’s clearly a great deal riding on each product’s release between now and then. While there are undoubtedly plenty of profits to be made by innovative consumer electronics manufacturers, it only takes one bad public experience — or, worse, a highly publicized product recall — to cripple a company and erode the public’s confidence in its products and overall brand.

It’s interesting to note that four out of the 10 most costly product recalls of all time involved electronic devices and/or the batteries that power them. Think, for example, of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 going up in smoke or Sony-powered Dell laptops bursting into flames. These examples illustrate how important it is for manufacturers to form a good relationship with a product testing lab they can trust to perform the tests they require with timeliness and integrity.

Companies like DirectTV, Emerson, General Electric, JumpGen Systems, L3 Communications, Netgear, Philips and many more entrust their product testing to Quality Testing Services, LLC. From the earliest stages of design all the way through a product’s manufacturing process, we possess the testing knowledge and facilities to supply companies with reliable results at an affordable price.

In addition, throughout our more than two decades of performing highly complex tests — often requiring custom test fixture fabrication — we’ve never lost our ability to make each of our customers — regardless of the size of their company — feel listened to. Moreover, we always take our customers’ individual needs fully into account.

Consumer electronics is a highly regulated industry, and each manufacturer must ensure its products are properly manufactured for safe consumer use. That’s why, when you work with us, you can count on our team to be fully informed of the most recent standards and regulations from important governing associations such as Underwriters Laboratories, ASTM International, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, also known as IPC.

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HALT Testing for Consumer Electronics

For consumer electronics manufacturers looking to bring a best-in-class product to market in a highly competitive environment, HALT — or Highly Accelerated Life Testing — is an extremely useful test for products still in their early stages of design. Aimed at reducing the risk of going into production — or, even more damaging, going to market — with an undiscovered defect or flaw, HALT testing can help companies save millions by avoiding costly recalls and litigation.

Unlike more traditional tests like Environmental Stress Screening and Design Verification Testing, which can take days or even weeks to produce results, HALT testing subjects a workpiece to incrementally increasing stress levels to discover weaknesses and failures in a much shorter time period: typically in minutes or hours. By knowing where a product’s weak points are, sooner, there’s more time to take corrective action — especially when the competition to get to market first is fierce.

In addition, since HALT testing isn’t designed as a pass/fail test but instead continues uninterrupted until the weakest portion of a product is revealed, its results are always advantageous to manufacturers. Plus, at QTS, we only employ state-of-the-art testing chambers made for the temperatures, vibrations, and combinations of stresses that HALT testing requires.

HALT testing subjects workpieces to the following stresses:

  • Hot thermal step stress
  • Cold thermal step stress
  • Rapid thermal cycling
  • Vibration step stress
  • Combined environment

HASS Testing for Consumer Electronics

Once consumer electronics products move out of their design phase and into the processes associated with their manufacturing, they’re subject to new risks. If an undetected defect occurs at this crucial stage in the product’s lifecycle — due to subpar materials in the supply chain or problems related to assembly procedures — the consequences could be disastrous in the event a flawed product is allowed to go directly to market.

It’s at this stage that HASS — or Highly Accelerated Stress Screening — can greatly reduce the risks associated with consumer electronics manufacturing. When millions of dollars and your company’s reputation are on the line, HASS testing is the product test of choice.

HASS testing is a particular type of Accelerated Stress Testing, or AST, that identifies manufacturing defects and validates the product’s specifications that were set during HALT testing. The short test conservatively stresses the product at levels below the previous HALT test to check for changes that could have occurred during manufacturing without damaging the good hardware.

Quality Testing Services, LLC: The Lab of Choice for Consumer Electronics Manufacturers

Do you need a testing lab that will give your product the attention it deserves? That’s precisely why Quality Testing Services, LLC was formed. Founded by the former head of the HALT/HASS testing labs at Qualmark, we make it our business to deliver superior testing results, guidance and value.

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