Benefits of Using a Product Testing Company in California

Benefits of Using a Product Testing Company in California


From aerospace components and medical devices to products used in our homes every day – they all undergo some form of product testing. Many consumers don’t realize the amount of testing that takes place before products are put into use or made available for purchase. However, product testing is a vital part of the development process. Using a product testing company before products go to market benefits both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Quality Assurance

One of the main purposes of using a product testing company is to ensure that your product meets specific standards before they are distributed and put into use. This is especially true in the medical industry, where product testing is essential to guarantee the safety of medical devices. Product testing can help you verify that your products meet USP and ISO 10993 standards before they leave your manufacturing facility. Consequently, using a product testing company is a vital step in the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of your products.

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Product Endurance

As a manufacturer, you want to be sure that your products can withstand the rigors of use. A product testing company can help determine if your product can endure extended use and continue to perform as intended. This type of testing is beneficial to both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Defect Detection

Product testing can help to identify potential defects in a product before it hits the market. This is beneficial for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Identifying defects early on allows the manufacturer to make changes to the product before it has the opportunity to cause any harm or inconvenience to consumers. This can save the manufacturer money in the long run and protect its reputation.

System Integration

When manufacturing product components rather than the whole product, it is vital to test system integration. The component is tested within the system into which it is integrated.  All the components of a product must work smoothly and in unison. Otherwise, it can result in reduced performance, decreased life span, or complete failure. A product testing company can determine if the tested component is functioning as intended and does not impede the movement of any other components of the product and that all are working together as they should. 

Decrease Development Process

Product testing at various stages of the process can reduce development time by identifying issues early on. Waiting to test a product until right before sending it to market may reveal operational issues that could have been addressed sooner and result in additional development time and expense.

Reduces Liability

Product testing will determine the reliability and safety of the product. Ensuring these factors before the product goes to market or is put into use is crucial. Product failure or malfunction can result in the product becoming a safety hazard, thus increasing the potential for liability or class action lawsuits against the manufacturer. Even if the problem is identified and a recall is implemented before it results in injury or property damage, the recall process can be costly and negatively impact the manufacturer’s reputation. Enlisting the services of a product testing company can help ensure that your product does not present a safety hazard and that your reputation remains intact.

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Choose a Trusted Product Testing Company

If you’re a manufacturer in need of product testing, you want to work with a company with experience and a proven track record. Located in Huntington Beach, California, Quality Testing Services has the experience and equipment necessary to provide superior product testing. 

With more than two decades of experience, what began as a HALT/HASS testing facility has become the industry leader for product testing in Southern California. We offer a wide range of product testing services including, ESS, Vibration and Shock Testing, Temperature and Humidity Testing, Life Testing, and much more.

 While we may not be the largest product testing company in the industry, we believe our attentiveness and flexibility set us apart from other companies. We meet with our clients to get a complete understanding of their testing needs and develop a relationship with them. If their product needs special equipment for testing that isn’t standard, we will do our best to fabricate the equipment needed. 

Have a product that needs to be tested? Contact us for a detailed quote or more information on our testing services.